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Endometriosis Foundation of Canada


Seeing the lack of awareness, shortage of endometriosis specialists as well as research made the idea turn to action quickly. We are hoping to focus our visions on creating more generalized awareness. Hoping to aid in fellowship programs in order to gain more specialists for the disease; with the added hope to get resources into provinces that currently have none, as well aid in research to hopefully one day find a cure.

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YellowBowsXo / Alexandra Camara


I started yellowbowsxo in the beginning of my thoracic endometriosis journey. I took to social media to find information and others who may have embarked on a similar journey. I fell in love with the community, advocacy and sharing my journey to help others. If it weren’t for the help I received I wouldn’t be on the other side of this disease. It is now my passion to help guide others on their journey, to help them access the right resources and care that they need.

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Dr. Jessica Drummond


Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT, Founder and CEO of the Integrative Women's Health Institute is passionate about caring for and empowering women who struggle with women’s and pelvic health conditions. She is equally passionate about educating and supporting clinicians in confidently and safely using integrative tools to transform women's and pelvic healthcare.

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Amy Stein


Amy Stein, DPT, BCB-PMD, IF (Doctorate of Physical Therapy, SEMG Biofeedback Certification –Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction, International Society of the Study of Women’s Health Fellow) is a leading expert and at the forefront of treating pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, women’s health, and functional manual therapy for men, women, and children. She is the founder of, and a premier practitioner at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in NYC, and the author of , Heal Pelvic Pain & Beating Endo: How to Reclaim Your Life from Endometriosis.

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Flow Days


Your haven for all things natural to manage Endometriosis and Menstrual Health. Flow Days was created with [endometriosis patients] in mind, to help support you and be a safe place to learn more about your period, without the judgment.

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iCareBetter is an innovative platform dedicated to helping people with endometriosis find doctors who provide compassionate and skilled care. All Surgeons featured on iCareBetter are verified to specialize in the excision of endometriosis. Doctors have to prove their expertise through an application process


Endometriosis Foundation of Houston


The mission of the Endometriosis Foundation of Houston (EFHou) is to raise awareness about endometriosis and related conditions, and to improve the quality of life of individuals affected by this disease in the greater Houston area.

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Extrapelvic Not Rare


Created in 2018 by Dr. Wendy Bingham, DPT, ExtraPelvic Not Rare is a non-profit organization focused on grassroots fundraising, independent research, and the advancement of awareness and education.

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The Happy Pelvis


"I have lived with chronic pelvic pain most of my life but had my symptoms dismissed and misdiagnosed for over 15 years. Since 2018 I have been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis/BPS, Endometriosis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia and Lupus (SLE). I hope that what I share on my blog will help others advocate for themselves, better navigate the healthcare system and find the care and treatment they deserve." - Happy Pelvis Website

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Endo Queer


Endo Queer has done an amazing job at creating a safe & inclusive space for individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community to discuss, ask questions, and create community.  Too often endometriosis is referred to as a disease only affecting "women" although this is not true. Endometriosis affects a variety of individuals (cis, trans, non-binary, etc.) including individuals with AND without female reproductive organs. Currently, they have an active Facebook group and are looking to launch their website.

Endo Queer2021-03-01T01:09:45+00:00
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