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Current Projects

School Outreach Program

We are proud to collaborate with EndoWhat to launch the School Outreach program across High Schools in Canada.

The goal of this program is to reduce the delay to diagnosis for endometriosis, which is generally 7 years minimum, by increasing awareness and education among teachers & students. High Schools participating in the program will receive an educational package free of cost for teachers, counsellors and educational professionals to utilize.

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If you are interested in donating to our The School Outreach Program please use the button below. If you have any questions or wish to become an official Sponsor please contact us at

Past Projects

Education for the Nation Event in August, 2021

A virtual educational event bringing world renowned education about endometriosis to Canadian’s.

Our two-day event took place on August 13th, with a Community Evening and continued on August 14th with an Educational Conference. We were honoured to have featured leading global professionals in endometriosis, such as Dr. Ken Sinervo, Dr. Jeff Arrington, Dr. Andre Vidali, Dr. Sallie Sarrel, Dr. Cindy Mosbrucker, Dr. Wendy Bingham, and so many more. Using a virtual format we had an audience from attendees throughout the country, and received outstandingly positive feedback about the quality and quantity of information available. This event would not of been possible without a donation from the Kootenay Coop. Thank you to all of the amazing speakers, participants, and volunteers who made this event a success!

Menstrual Product Drive in Fall, 2021

We were happy to support the non profit organization, Moon Time Sisters BC Chapter by organizing a menstrual drive in Nelson BC. Thanks to many generous donations we received over 1500 products (pads, tampons & liners) which were given to Moon Time Sisters BC to distribute accordingly to Northern Indigenous Communities.

"EndoWhat?" Screening Event in June, 2019

Our first educational event, hosted in Nelson BC showcasing the outstanding "EndoWhat?" film produced and directed by Shannon Cohn. We had over 100 people attend the screening seeking more education about endometriosis, including local medical professionals.

For the first time ever, Emma spoke about her journey with endometriosis and opened dialogue with attendees about their experiences with the disease.

A beautiful celebration of awareness and hope for the organization.

In June of 2015 I underwent my very first laparoscopic surgery for an ovarian cyst by a local gynaecologist in Canada. After this I went about my life with symptoms that directly relate to Endometriosis.

We would like to formally introduce our new journey- The Endometriosis Organization of Canada.

This organization focuses strictly on education. Furthermore, we are currently in the process of officially receiving our official government status as a charity, and will keep you up-to-date as that process continues.

A little more about us: My mother suffers from diagnosed Adenomyiosis, while I am diagnosed Adenomyiosis & Endometriosis. Our journies have been long, painful, and fully of new-found wisdom. We became very frustrated by the lack of scientific / helpful information in Canada and decided to take a stand

We are NORMAL human beings and not medical professional, so we will not be providing medical advice OR medical recommendations. Resultantly we are learning day-by-day as you also are and simply sharing proven facts / education surrounding the disease, and dialogue from our own personal journeys!