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BRI- Reproductive Immunology & Endometriosis Surgical Center


Our practice is a specialty fertility clinic treating patients internationally. We treat all causes of recurrent pregnancy loss and perform all necessary in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine inseminations (IUI) procedures. We also continue to care for and monitor our patients through their entire pregnancy. We have the experience, resources, and a passion to help patients prevent miscarriage.

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Samantha Bowick


Samantha Bowick is not only a successful author of “Living with Endometriosis” and her other amazing works but also helps advocate for patients through these works and her platform online. In particular, we love her Workbook and Daily Journal for Endometriosis; definitely, a necessity when navigating your endometriosis journey! 

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Casey Berna


Casey Berna, a social worker who has dedicated her career to working with endometriosis and infertility patients. She has spent time in private practice doing individual and group therapy with patients and also has worked with various endometriosis and infertility non-profits on leading advocacy initiatives.

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Endo Girls Blog


Our mission is to correct the dysfunctional perceptions of Endometriosis for all Endometriosis patients by providing facts, truths, and access to competent medical care, exposing incompetencies amongst OBGYN's and the medical community as a whole, and revealing pharmaceutical manipulation and exploitation of Endometriosis patients.

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The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada


As endometriosis patients, we often ask ourselves "why am I being treated this way in our Canadian medical system?" Throughout SOGC's website you can see exactly what our gynaecologists and physicians view for information and as a result practice within their clinics.

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada2021-02-26T20:00:37+00:00

Endo Invisible


Founded in 2016, Endo InVisible's mission is threefold: raise the profile of, educate the world about, and help fund surgery for, endometriosis. Skilled excision is considered the gold standard in successful treatment of endometriosis, however locating these experts can be difficult and traveling to them near impossible for many due to the financial constraints involved. We believe that offering equal access to this life-changing surgery can make our communities stronger.

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The Endometriosis Summit


"When Dr. Sallie Sarrel, a person with endometriosis and a pelvic physical therapist specializing in endometriosis, and Dr. Andrea Vidali, an endometriosis surgeon with more than 25+ years of experience with excision of endometriosis and reproductive immunology, got fed up with the current state of endometriosis care the result was The Endometriosis Summit...The time to unite is here.  

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Endo What?


Endo What is a groundbreaking, bi-partisan movement dedicated to educating and empowering people with endometriosis while informing health care providers and policymakers and holding decision makers accountable. We are patient-first, patient-led and do not accept funds from pharmaceutical companies.

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